Volunteer Job Descriptions

Lane Timers / Recorders – 6-7 needed for each meet.  Responsible for timing each event accurately and recording the time on the appropriate entry card. Timers will start their clocks at the starting signal of the Starter and stop their clocks when the swimmer in their lane touches for the finish. There is one timer per team per lane per meet. You will have a chair, but will need to stand for each finish to get a good view of the swimmer’s hand touching he wall.  (Home and Away)

Swimmer round-up – 2-3 needed for every meet.You will be in charge of getting swimmers together for their events and handing out their cards.  Loud voices helpful!! (Home and Away)

Ribbon Writer  – DURING MEET – receives finish judge sheets from scorekeeper and helps Technical Meet Director enter information into Team Manager software. Should be comfortable with entering data into computer.

Ribbon Writer 2 – Receives printed labels from Technical Meet Director and affixes labels to the appropriate ribbon and place ribbons in teams folder.

Runner – Pick up entry cards from swimmers in 25 meter heats, check for the correct lane number, and deliver them to the appropriate timers prior to the start of the heat. After the heat has finished, pick up the cards for each lane, Finish Judges’ slips, and any DQ slips and deliver to the scoring table.

Clerk of Course – make sure all swimmers have their entry card in hand and filled in completely. Shall have swimmers in line in the appropriate lane and
ready for the starter’s signal at least two (2) heats prior to their event.

False Start Rope / Event Board – Responsible for updating event board and dropping the “false start” rope in the event that such action is deemed necessary by the Starter.

Concessions Worker(s) – Works concessions sales booth at home swim meets. This position requires volunteer to arrive at 4 pm. Take out all garbage and clean up concessions area after closing.

Set Up – Gets to the pool early to help hang signs, get all meet gear out, prepares concession area, set up tents, or whatever Meet Director needs.

Clean Up – Self explanatory. Cleans up and helps put away all meet gear. Helps pick up tent areas, takes tents down, helps put PA system up, etc. Take lane numbers and scorekeeping signs down. Remove all signage.  Help clean up all trash from swimmers areas and deck.  Take all items back into the clubhouse for storage.

Hospitality –  Delivers drinks and snacks to coaches and timers during the meet.

Deck Security – Helps keep non-swimmers and non-workers (including parents) off the deck during the meet. Keep pool deck area free of people for meet volunteers to do their job.

Finish Judge – Responsible for determining the order of finish of every heat. Shall list the swimmers, by lane number only, in order of finish on a piece of
paper that includes the event and heat number. Shall give results after each heat to the Runner, who will deliver results to the scorers’ table.

Score Keeper – Responsible for recording the official score throughout the course of the entire meet. Shall clip together that event’s sheets (entry card,
finish judge slips, and DQ slips) and pass to the statistics table.

Backup Timer – Starts his or her stopwatch with the start of each heat, in the event that there is a stopwatch that does not function properly, or that is not
started, to time an individual lane. The backup timer must watch for a raised hand in any lane being timed – this will indicate the need for the backup timer to
come to that particular lane in order to finish timing that swimmer.

The following volunteer positions require training. Anyone volunteering in these positions must either have current USA Swimming Official certification or attend an Officials Clinic hosted by the MOWSC (clinics will be offered in late May or early June).  MOWSC participants compete under the rules and regulations of USA Swimming. It is helpful if volunteers considering these positions have some understanding of competitive swimming, not to feel overwhelmed by the amount of information covered in these Clinics as it relates to the “legal” way to swim every stroke and the rules regarding “legal” starts and turns.

Referee – Shall have full authority over all officials and shall enforce all applicable rules and shall decide all questions relating to the actual conduct of
the meet. Must have complete knowledge and understanding of all rules governing competition in MOWSC including USA Swimming Rules and
Regulations. Must have completed Stroke/Turn Clinic or be USS Certified with current year credentials.

Starter – Starts each event with the announcement of the age and stroke and the words “SWIMMERS TAKE YOUR MARK,” pauses to make sure that all swimmers are motionless, and then gives an electronic sound or a blast of a whistle.

Stroke and Turn Judge – Shall ensure that all rules relating to the style of swimming designated for the event are being observed and shall report any
violations to the Referee on signed slips of paper detailing the event, the heat number, the lane number, swimmer’s name, and the infraction. Must attend
clinic or be USS Certified with current year credentials.