Our coaches have designed a new practice model this year (Color Groups) which will ensure that swimmers receive the best workouts and stroke technique instruction regardless of age. This will require families to be flexible as swimmers will be placed in their practice group after a few days of observation. Here is an overview with a brief description:

RED Group- (8:00-9:15)
– Can confidently and legally compete in all four strokes
– Practice geared towards conditioning and minor stroke adjustments
– Extra time to complete sets
– Lanes will still be split based on ability with age in mind
(18 and 9-year-olds will not be put in the same lane unless it is for team building)
– For swimmers that have competitive swimming experience

BLACK Group- (9:15-10:15)
– Geared towards newer swimmers or those who need to learn breaststroke and butterfly
– Practice is based around technique.
– Lanes will be split based on ability with age in mind
– All 10 and ups that are new swimmers will be in the black group
– No 10 and up swimming with 8 and under

SILVER Group- (10:15-11:00)
– Younger groups (8 and unders)
– 9 year olds will be allowed in group on as needed basis
– Introduce swimmers to the sport. Have them work on technique to be able to confidently swim strokes in a meet.
– Lanes will be split by ability with age in mind.

First Mates ( 10:30- 11:00) M/W/F- *runs June 5 – June 30
– Must be at least 4 years old
– Fridays will be designated (test days) to see what swimmers we can move up and into meets so that we can open up another spot for someone on a waiting list
– 15 Swimmer limit