Head Coaches

Ben McGinnis

Ben was introduced as the new head coach for 2020. However, due to COVID-19 the season was unable to be held. Ben is again on board for 2021. Ben swam for the Mt. Sterling Gators, Paris-Bourbon County YMCA, Lexington Dolphins, Swimchester Sailfish and The University of the Cumberlands. Ben has coached the Mt. Sterling Gators, participated in swim clinics at University of the Cumberlands and trained triathletes. He is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science. Ben’s has an understanding and passion for the sport of swimming. The Pinnacle Pirates and Ben are both super excited to become family in 2020. Pirate Family!

Evan Adams

Evan is a former assistant coach that has come back to the Pirate staff as a co-coach with Ben McGinnis.

Assistant Coaches

Sydney Florence

Sydney started swimming for the Pinnacle Pirates when she was six years old and stayed with it until she graduated last in 2019. From ages seven to sixteen she swam for the Lexington Dolphins. In 2017, she decided to make the switch to Kentucky Aquatics where she remained the rest of her swimming career. Sydney also swam for Lexington Catholic all four years of high school. She also helped out with First Mates program in Pinnacle in the past and is excited to be an official coach for the best team in the MOWSC in 2020!