The names, email addresses and telephone numbers of the 2018 Pinnacle Pirate Swim Team Board of Directors are provided below. If you would like to volunteer in any way, please contact any board member for assistance.

Board of Directors

President- Matt Schaffer (859) 509-3627

Past President- Thom Payne (859) 321-2608

Vice President- Courtenay Macaulay

Meet Director – Shawn Keedy

Treasurer- Stacey Kroggel

Secretary – Bryna Reed

Member At Large- Mike Weis

Volunteer Coordinator- Megan Haulk (859) 402-3065

Volunteer Coordinator Ashley Black (859) 608-2363

Events Coordinator- Jen Manley

Sponsorship Coordinator – Mary Gilles

Social Committee- Shannon Durrum

Apparel Coordinator- Shannon Bradbury

Concessions Coordinator – Dana Meeks (859) 475-4151

Concessions Coordinator Jody Williams (859) 420-6226

Web Development/HOA Liaison- Kevin Grigsby (859) 489-4879

Head Coach- Ben McGinnis