About Us

Man O’ War Swim Conference (MOWSC)

The Man O’ War Swim Conference is a neighborhood summer swim league for children and youth up to college age swimmers. The Man O’ War Swim Conference league comprises nine teams and over 1,000 swimmers. In 2019 we celebrated 25 seasons! The Pinnacle Pirates are a participating member of the Man O’ War Swim Conference. MOWSC Website

Our mission is to promote physical fitness, good sportsmanship, and a winning attitude in a fun and positive atmosphere of healthy competition.

We will promote the importance of good sportsmanship and a winning attitude in all that we do.  We will make decisions as a team and will always consider that the center of those decisions is our children in the hope that they will have fun and enjoy their participation in summer swimming.  We are proud to represent the best of Pinnacle pride and tradition!

Our goal is to provide every child with a fun and safe experience this summer, while helping them to improve their swimming skills. If you want more one-on-one attention you are more than free to sign up for lessons with any coach.

Foundation of the Pinnacle Pirates
Pirates is all about having fun, learning, and developing both as a swimmer and a person .

We do this through a strong community of support from the board, the parents, the coaches and the kids themselves. Everyone has a role to play and is valued for their contribution to the team.

That being said, Pirates is just A PART of your summer . We understand and expect families to have other priorities like other sports or vacations. We want Pirates to be a team that you enjoy. All we ask for is communication.

Team Structure
11 and Ups
Swim 50’s of all 4 strokes and IMs in meets

9-10 year olds
Learn to swim 25’s in all 4 strokes and IM’s in meets

7-8 year olds
Swim 25’s in all 4 strokes (if interested) and IM’s (if interested)

6 and Unders
Swim 25’s in Free and Back… Occasionally try other strokes as swimmers develop

First Mates
Practice 10:30-11:00 MWF Starts 2nd week of the season

○ Learn to swim to the flags and then can move up to the team once they are safe in the water

○ At least 4 coaches making the groups about 4-5 kids big WITH an additional older Pirates Swimmer to assist

○ Develops relationships across age groups AND gets them ready to be a Pirate

○ As kids move on to the team, people from the waitlist will be contacted to join if they are interested.

Swim Season

Practice Starts right after the last day of school.

Meets are every Wednesday Night

2 Days Prelims- Finals